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Home Computer Services

Don't put off fixing your computer from fear of over priced Computer Repair bills. Save your cash and use Precision PC Repair of Grand Haven for all your Computer Services. Prices are typically 70% cheaper than most of our competitors. The job is done right or we will make it right. Our goal is to make each person that uses Precision PC feels so great about the services they receive, they will want to brag to everyone about how computer problems and high repair costs are a thing of the past.

Pick up & Diag

  • We will pick up your desktop or laptop then diagnose your computer problems for only $30 within our service area. (Most Companies will charge $20 to $40 for this services after you go through the hassle to drop it off to them.)

Virus Removal and Cleanups

  • Software and Virus Clean ups are only $80. All Computer clean ups come with FREE Malware, Spyware, and Virus protection software.

Laptop Repair

  • Laptop Screen Replacement is only $50 plus the cost of laptop screen. Laptop motherboard replacement is only $80 plus the cost of the part.

Video Surveillance

  • Remote Video Surveillance is much more affordable with Precision PC than you would imagine. If you need 1 camera to 32 cameras, with night vision and a quality DVR system. The perfect surveillance system is just a call away to give you that peace of mind you have been looking for.


  • Home Networking is almost a must with families today. Streaming music, movies, pictures, and other important files to all of the computers in your home, saves valued Hard drive space as well allowing you to use your computers more efficiently. Adding wireless gives you the freedom to enjoy internet, printing, and network connectivity throughout your home without the bothersome wires.

Computer Upgrades

  • Computer Upgrades without the down time. We can pre order all the upgrade equipment you would like to add to your existing computer without having to wait days for a computer shop to install everything. We will install it onsite and get you Gaming, Working, Browsing, faster than you ever thought you could.

Custom Computers

  • Custom Built Computers can be designed around your every need, or want. We can build you the Ultimate Gaming PC, display it on your Flat Screen with wireless controls, or the perfect business computer without all the unneeded extras.

Apple Repair, Mac Repair Services

  • We are very experienced with Apple products as well. Apple Repair, and Mac Repair, we can fix your Apple computer or set up the apple software just the way you want it to work with all your other apple devices. Would you like to run a full version of windows on your mac too, and be able to choose which OS loads on start up? Well Precision PC can do all of that for you too.

Data transfer, Backup and Recovery

  • Data Transfer, Backup and Recovery is offered by Precision PC Repair of Grand Haven. Unexpected things happen, what would you lose that is very important to you, if one day you computer would not turn on anymore, or if it was stolen from your car? Well Precision PC Repair store can help protect you and your devices from these types of things. Remote tracking software in case a device has been stolen. We can set your PC to back up important documents or files to protect against data loss. We can also recover some corrupted or deleted files, and transfer data from one PC to another, which is a free service when you purchase a computer from Precision PC.